What is PIONEX?

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange combined with built-in trading bots. A crypto trading bot is an automated program that executes buy and sell orders with no manual input when specific, market conditions are met. You can access twelve unique trading bots for free. These bots enable you to automate your investing strategy so no constant market monitoring is required. Pionex includes low trading commissions and a fully functional mobile application.

Low entry

Only an internet connection and cryptocurrency is required to get into automated bot trading. If you’re a new user, we recommend downloading the mobile app, which we found to be a bit more streamlined and easier to operate.  

Worldwide and competetive

Available nearly worldwide and against low fees. Join users in a hundred different countries and regions around the world in trading the 15+ free bots provided to make a profit on your idle coins.


Pionex currently has an uptime of 99.99%, 100 million daily trades and $5B+ a month of traing volume.

Professional Support

Pionex can be reached by email, livechat, facebook, twitter, telegram and discord.

Bot performance

The advantage of BTC/ETH Moon is to diversify risk and hold a spot position in the long-term. It will catch every chance based on market volatility. You can enjoy stable arbitrage profits and trend profits with rising crypto prices, which is very suitable for beginners.

Bot name Description APR Recommended?
BTC/ETH Moon Easy to start, wide price range, 500+ grids, long term strategy 10%-200% APR
Martingale Bot DCA buy, one-time sell Variable
Rebalancing Bot Create your own index Variable
Arbitrage-Moderate Extremely low risk, Earn a good APR with USDT, BUSD and USDC 5%-50% APR
Grid Trading Bot 24/7H auto buy low sell high 10%-200% APR
Buy Crypto Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, SEPA Variable
Arbitrage-aggressive mid-to-low risk customized, settings, invest with USDT 20-300%
Infinity Grid Earn profit from fluctuations while hodling 0-30%
Leveraged Grid Multiply your profit by adding leverage 20-300%
Margin Grid Borrow funds to run the Grid Trading Bot 20-300%
Stop limit Set Buying or Selling prices in advance stop profit or loss in time Variable
Trailing Buy Avoid selling to early in a pumping market Variable
DCA Dollar cost averaging Variable
Smart Trade Set buy price, take profit price and stop loss price at one time Variable
TWAP Designed for whales Variable
Reverse Grid First sell high then buy low Variable

All bots are proven effective but do reach negative values at times, give the bot time to recover.

Available on all devices

Meet the team


Larry Toh

Pionex Executive Officer


Daniel Seng-Cheng YEO



Jack Tsai

User Growth | Business Development


Danqing Liu

Head of operations Pionex U.S

Partnered with some of the biggest names in the crypto space.



Frequently Asked Questions

Pionex is a crypto service that is accessible via web app or mobile application that enables the user to trade cryptocurrencies using free and proven bots.

No investment opportunity can guarantee profits. What Pionex can do however is use sophisticated strategies to generate a yearly yield much greater then what your bank offers in interest and is taken from you indirectly by inflation.

It is always possible to lose money with crypto trading as the market is volatile and could always make moves that lead to losses. You losing your entire deposit however is really unlikely as there are multiple ways the bots protect against such an event.


Pionex has a proven track record of profit and many years of profiable trading with it's users funds. The bots are always improved and monitored to maximize profits.


Start trading today and get ahead

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