Our services

Liquidity Pools

Farm yield through liquidity pools on different chains.


Stake the native Weave token to earn more weave while using the platform.


Lend/borrow tokens for easy access to liquidity.

Auto Compounding

Stake the native Weave token for Compound Interest.

What is WEAVE

Weave is a DeFi platform that enables unprecedented levels of customization for yield farming. You can Automate, Optimize, and Enhance different farming strategies to get your personalized strategy running in no time! Utilize popular chains and feed the profits into more risky assets with the click of a button.

The Weave application offers a range of staking vaults, liquidity pools and lending/borrowing options. Auto-compound the profits to generate some of the highest yield farming returns you’ll find anywhere. This is what separates Weave from other protocols.

Earn the native Weave token by using our platform, and stake it for exponential growth.

Weave Passive

For absolute beginners or those that simply want to profit from DeFi without building and managing their own strategies, our Weave Passive platform offers a “copy farming” feature that is extremely easy to use. Simply find the Pro users you like the look of and copy their strategy in your own wallet. Even if you haven’t purchased cryptocurrency before, we’ll guide you through the process and have you earning yield in no time!

Weave Pro

Pro Weavers will not only offer the opportunity to farm in a safe environment, they can also share their strategy with the Passive users and earn up to 50% of the net fees charged on those vaults.

Our dApp has some of the lowest fees around, and with yields being auto-compounded you’ll find some of the highest APY’s on our platform.

Yield Farming is a rapidly growing sector offering the potential for very high returns. But currently farming is time-consuming and highly inefficient. Our aim is to offer tools to automateenhance and optimize farming. We deliver this not only on our own dApp but also directly through partner protocols, making us one of the most exciting cross-platform protocols in DeFi.