What is Crypto4Winners?

Crypto4Winners is a cryptocurrency investment platform that enables the user to generate passive, compounding returns by utilizing proven effective and safe trading methods. Techniques like cold-storage of funds in combination with aggressive trading strategies offer a unique opportunity within the crypto space.

Cold storage technique is offered by partnering with Ledger, the crypto-security hardware company. Only 50% of assets are ever traded while other funds are secured like this for long time storage.

Asset performance and trading results can be viewed from the improved Crypto4Winners Dashboard:

Crypto4Winners Dashboard

A combination of day trading and with AI with scalping techniques over 1-2 days are applied. Trading strategies allow C4W to take semi-day long and short positions. Adapting to different strategies in bear and bull markets to ensure positive trading results.

50% of assets are stored in a cold wallet by ledger technologies. Mostly Ai powered spot trading and perpetual margin trading strategies utilizing a minimum leverage of 2 to get 100% results on deployed capital.


Risk mitigation and asset diversification is achieved by investing in different stable assets. Each trader may apply his or her own trading strategy but has to respect the risk & money management policy. This policy is fielded in long-term trading experience from FX and Index markets. Custom rules apply for risk mitigation in the form of leverage, profit taking, stop-loss triggers and the use of limit orders.

Assets are split among different exchanges and wallets to ensure a maximum level of diversification.

An example of how a positive and negative Pnl (Profit and Loss) day will be achieved is as following:

Trader A0.40%
Trader B0.10%
Trader C– 0.15%
Trader D– 0.15%
Trader E0.05%
Total gross PnL+ 0.25%
Performance fee 20%-0.05%
Net performance+ 0.20%
Example of daily positive performance

Trader A0.10%
Trader B0.15%
Trader C– 0.15%
Trader D– 0.20%
Trader E0.05%
Total gross PnL– 0.05%
Performance fee 20%-0%
Net performance– 0.05%
Example of daily negative performance (no fees taken)

What are the pools?

BTC Pool will invest into BTC using these strategies:

ETH Pool will have exposure to ETH using these strategies:

USDT Pool will have exposure to USDT related assets using these strategies:

  • Holding in cold storage (Long exposure, medium and long term);
  • Trading (Algorithmic trading, Trading intraday, Scalping, AI Trading).
  • Staking;
  • Lending;
  • Mining Pools.

Current holdings are*

  • USDT (50%)
  • USDC (40%)
  • Diversified staking (10%)

*This may change based on market conditions

How do I deposit into Crypto4Winners?

Step 1: Register account on Crypto4Winners

Step 2: Log in to Crypto4Winners and confirm your email.

Step 3: Complete the automated KYC/AML requirements, no human intervention is required.

Step 4: Navigate to the “deposit” section and generate a BTC, ETH or USDT deposit wallet address.

Step 5: Send the crypto assets from your personal wallet to this deposit wallet. (the deposit will automatically appear after some time has passed)

Step 6: transfer the funds to the desired trading pool (BTC/ ETH/ USDT) from within the Crypto4Winners dashboard.

Step 7: Wait 24 hours for the funds to be deployed and see the returns appear daily!

How do I withdraw from Crypto4Winners?

Withdrawal is done from the pool management screen where you currently have 2 options:

Enter your password to submit your request, wait 24-96 hours for the request to be verified and processed. You will be kept up to date by various emails. After this period, choose your withdrawal wallet and receive the coins.

Profits withdrawal is allowed for the following:

  • BTC Pool: once a week
  • ETHPool: once a week
  • USDT: once a month

What are pro’s and cons of the company Crypto4Winners?

Pro’s: they are professional traders with experience in legacy markets. Mitigating risk and achieving stable returns comes natural with these types of traders. Assets are professionally managed by a company that is licensed and audited. A clear roadmap is also provided so the users always have a vision of what is being worked towards! Strategies have been working for over 3 years now in both a bull market and a bear market. Some negative days have been seen but this is a rare exception, from personal experience about 90+% of days are winners, like the platform.

Cons: the platform, like cryptocurrency in general is still relatively young. This means they can make mistakes or experience unwanted events but they take every measure possible to prevent this. There have been days that the platform actually loses money and this is communicated in the same way as profits, which build confidence in honesty and transparency.
Remember: any investment that claims to never lose money is illegitimate.

Another con that has been mentioned is the name: Crypto4Winners, some people think it sounds unprofessional. We advise you to rather than judge a book by it’s cover, try reading a few pages and see if you like it 😉 In the end, a name is just a name.


Should you invest in Crypto4Winners? This can ultimately only be left up to the individual, if you have any doubts: don’t invest! And never invest more then you are willing to lose! That being said, with C4W being licensed and located in a fiscally responsible country, the risk is low considering all things even.

Crypto4Winner is still in its early stages of development. (started in 2018) There’s potential for even greater earnings as the company grows and compounds on itself through the years. Global adoption of crypto might play a role in this, in the end this company could trade legacy assets and profit the same if they didn’t believe in the future or cryptocurrencies. If you’re looking for a stable, safe and profitable opportunity, then Crypto4Winners may be right for you.

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