What is Crypto4Winners?

The company started in 2018 when a group of investors, holding crypto, asked traders to manage their Bitcoins.

As skilled traders and asset managers fascinated about new technologies and blockchain tech, there was clear incentive to manage capital while generating returns. After several months, the number of Bitcoins invested had exploded thanks members sharing their results with friends and family.

Crypto pools: a decision was made to pool Bitcoins together and to manage them with different strategies. By working with established exchanges and liquidity providers, the system has good measures in place to protect against losses. 

Transparency: Users can track the daily valuation of their wallets and performance from anywhere in the world at any time.

Security: Ledger Vault secures the C4W system which secures crypto held in our cold storages from hacking/stealing up to 100M$.

Professionally Managed Trading Pools


Our users believe in blockchain development of the future and look for a trustworthy and efficient way to earn passive income and preserve crypto capital in any market condition.

CeFi and DeFi low returns

Centralized and decentralized finance offers little returns when markets turn red or even when trading up. All traders need is liquidity and volatility.

Fair value management

Generate returns like investing in a hedge fund, the performance will outsmart the market in various ways due to strategy maturity and crypto trading knowledge.


Highly secured infrastructure with multi-signatured leveraged Cutting-Edge security against common and uncommon attacks such as dDoS protection and intrusion detection.

Money Management while optimizing risk

Generally only 45% of investor funds are deployed to trade. Other invested funds are in cold storage or other safe opportunities for long term investments.

Investment by Smart Contract

By running different kind of smart contracts, C4W can offer optimum security and transparency.

Steps to invest


Sign up through the links provided on this page


Transfer Crypto to your C4W generated wallet, wait for 6 confirmations on the blockchain.


When the funds have arrived in your C4W wallet, transfer it to the pool and start earning passive income!


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Security & Compliance

C4W belies that complying with AML regulations such as KYC is required to growing a safe, stable digital business. Therefore compliance with local law is necessary.

Terms and Conditions

Aquire more knowledge about how C4W works and it’s legal framework combined with disclaimers.

Professional Investor Proof

Expose your wealth to the fastest growing crypto space through established traders in a multi-strategy pool.


May 1, 2018

Development Begins

Feb 1, 2020

Full BTC Node

Mar 1, 2020

Website launch

Q4, 2020

Dashboard, Whitepaper, Office

Q2, 2021

License registration

Q 2, 2022

General Updates

Q4, 2022

Digital Crypto Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Crypto4Winners secure its funds?

Crypto4Winners partners with Ledger Enterprise to bring cold storage wallets to enterprise applications! Ensuring Maximum security, Flawless governance and Long-term partnership. >> Read more (full PDF available)

What yield or returns can be expected?

As with trading your own cryptocurrency, no profits can be guaranteed. Historically however: the fund has returned 298.07% since its inception in July 2019 and averages around 5% per month as of the past couple years.

Does Crypto4Winners enfore KYC and AML?

Yes, by law C4W is required to know its customers to prevent any form of criminal activity.  >> Read more

What does Crypto4Winners use to generate profits?

The first-ever (crypto) fund C4W was introduced back in July 2019 as a Bitcoin pool. It has always kept 50% BTC of assets under management in cold storage and the other 50% assigned to expert traders for daily trading and yield farming activities.

Does Crypto4Winners have a license to trade cryptocurrency?

Yes, the company is based in Stockholm and a license can be viewed publicly here: >> license

What investments can be made in C4W?

C4W currently accepts BTC, ETH and USDT as investments into the trading pool.