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What is Yieldnodes?

Yieldnodes is a crowdfunded program, no large financial institutions or governments are involved (yet). the system generates passive income for its registered users by purchasing the required hardware and software required to masternode coins. This process is where the magic happens. Yields of 1000%+ per year can be achieved but the underlying coin will fail if the chosen masternoding project has no future. The Yieldnodes team carefully asesses and implements different techniques to manage the nodes and keeping risk as low as possible.


Powerful blockchain technologies

Join not just an investment opportunity but an ecosystem we like to call the Yieldnodes 'decenomy'. By integrating different projects and coins we aim to not just generate Yield by masternoding, but also incorporate different DeFi applications to stabilize monthly gains.

Masternode for high rewards

Nobody knows the future of masternoding but it is currently yielding high returns within the Yieldnodes system. Join now and take part in this profitable business model.


Account security

Yieldnodes takes every neccecary step to ensure the system is stable and accounts are secure. 2FA by authenticator app or SMS are highly recommended.


Available worldwide

The Yieldnodes system is available worldwide, you only need an internet connection and access to cryptocurrency.

How it works

how do you invest in Yieldnodes

Investing in a system like Yieldnodes can be confusing, especially if you have no experience investing in cryptocurrencies. With the steps below, you should be able to make your first investment a little easier.

Register account with Yieldnodes


Generate bitcoin address in the Yieldnodes members section
(valid for 24H)


Purchase bitcoin on an exchange and withdraw these coins to the generated address


Wait until the transaction clears on the blockchain


Give Yieldnodes a few days to deploy the capital into a new masternode


The masternoding is now complete. Withdrawals submitted before the 15th of this month will be paid out around the 8th of the following month.


The Yieldnodes system

Masternoding is a time-intensive process and requires the renting and setup of hardware + software. Time is also required as to make the process efficient and effective in generating as much yield without wasting valuable resources. Therefore the Yieldnodes system has some rules to avoid rapid changes to the system.

  • Every deposit must will be held for up to 7 days before it is put into a masternode earning yield. The team needs time to deploy the capital where it yields good returns but does not take unnecessary risks.
  • Each deposit must be masternoded for 6 months. Profits on the deposit can be withdrawn monthly but the initial deposit can’t be withdrawn too fast because the hard- software costs would be too expensive to facilitate this. After 6 months the initial deposit can be withdrawn too.
  • Withdrawals must be submitted BEFORE the 15th of the current month to be processed by the 8th of the following month!

Who we are

The Yieldnodes Team

The Team


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How can we help you

Is Yieldnodes sustainable?

The Yieldnodes team has mentioned the profits will decrease in the future as the technique of masternoding coins matures. However, they also promise to return all capital to its users if the profits fall below 5% for three consecutive months.

How can I deposit?

Since masternoding is a crypto technnology, the shortest route would be to accept deposits in Bitcoin. Tether (USDT TRC-20 network) is also allowed.

Other ways to deposit are:




Relai app

Is Yieldnodes regulated?

Currently, there are no active entities regulating Yieldnodes. The team offers some of its members the opportunity to do an internal audit. These audits have proven effective in proving capital and income, though no hard numbers are disclosed to the rest of the community. In the future, regulation is welcome and required for operation and a possible government partnership is already in the works!

How can I withdraw?

Withdrawals are submitted from the member area. Each withdrawal must be put in place by the 15th of the month.  This grants time to sell the masternodes hard+ software holding your coins.  Cryptocurrency will be paid out to you on the 8th of the following month in Bitcoin or SAPP coin. Minimum withdrawal: 100 EURO. No withdrawal fees.

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